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Mrs. Russell's lessons
Class activities for Social Studies, Science, and Sp. Design P.E.
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Welcome to my class website!

This website will provide you with a schedule of what the class assignments will be for the next quarter.  Project timetables, expectations, and performance criteria are also included in this website.  
You will be provided with all of the necessary information, such as: rubrics, internet websites, and other resource materials needed to complete a quality project.
This website will also provide you with access to tutorials that may be used to enhance and reinforce classroom learning.18102005_12518_0.png (If my picture looks a little goofy, its because I haven't found one of me that I like yet!

This information sidebar will appear on some pages with news and important announcments. If there is a link associated with the news item, it will appear below this message.
Last Modified: May 02, 2006