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My Name is..Mrs. Guevara
4th Grade Class
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       Reading, Writing, Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies!!!!!          
Welcome to my class website!

Welcome to 4th Grade!  This year you will be able to check your son or daughter's homework assignments as well as view in class projects.  Other news pertaining to the class will be posted here as well.  
The links at the top of this page will take you to other important websites and as I add pages to my own website, I will place links to those pages in the Class Links section of the sidebar to the left of this page.   

The downloads folder (link at left) is an area where I will drop files that you may want to download. When the downloads folder opens, simply right-click with your mouse on the file you wish to download and select 'save file' or 'save target' (the commands will vary, depending on which web browser you are using). Click the 'Back' link in the links bar at the top of this page or any other link to leave the Downloads folder.
I will try to keep things up to date and I appreciate any feedback you have!   

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18102005_12518_0.png (If my picture looks a little goofy, its because I haven't found one of me that I like yet!

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Last Modified: May 02, 2006